Sven Peters will be in Voxxed Days Istanbul 2016

Speakers continue to be selected for Voxxed Days Istabul 2016 which is the second edition of the conference. Like last year, we will meet together with great speakers like Sven Peters, who will be with us in Voxxed Days Istanbul. He will speak about the topic “Rise of the Machines – Automate Your Development“.

Who is Sven Peters?


Sven is a software geek working as an Evangelist for Atlassian. He started with Java development in 1998 and has been programming for longer that he’d like to admit. Besides coding his passion is getting the right tools into the hands of those who need it to help build fast moving, agile, autonomous teams and getting them to kick-ass. Sven has extensive speaking experience in 25+ countries on myriad topics.

Rise of the Machines – Automate Your Development

When we talk about automation in software development, we immediately think of automated builds and deployments. We may also be using scripts to help make our daily work easier. But this is really just the beginning of the rise of the machines. I show you how leading developers in our industry are using open source and commercial tools for automating much more. They’ve got “robots” for monitoring production servers, updating issues, supporting customers, reviewing code, setting up laptops, doing development reporting, conducting customer feedback — even automating daily standups. In what instances is it useful to automate? In what cases does it not make sense? Automation prevents us from having to do the same thing twice, helps us to work better together, reduces workflow errors and frees up time to write production code. Plus, as it turns out, spending time on automation is fun! Don’t be afraid of robots in software development, embrace them! Even if I save you just half an hour a week, this talk will be a beneficial investment of your time.


Hope to see you at Voxxed Days Istanbul 2016.


Hüseyin Akdogan

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