Nezih Yiğitbaşı will be in Voxxed Days Istanbul 2016

Speakers continue to be selected for Voxxed Days Istabul 2016 which is the second edition of the conference. Like last year, we will meet together with great speakers like Nezih Yiğitbaşı, who will be with us in Voxxed Days Istanbul. He will speak about the topic “A Look at Netflix’s Petabyte Scale Data Platform“.

Who is Nezih Yiğitbaşı?

Nezih Yigitbasi is a senior software engineer @ Netflix’s Big Data Platform team working on and contributing to various open source projects such as Presto, Apache Parquet and Apache Hive. Previously he contributed to the design and implementation of various distributed systems in both academia and the industry, including Intel Labs, Carnegie Mellon University, Delft University of Technology (TUDelft), Argela, and Telenity. He holds a PhD in computer science from TUDelft, and an MSc and a BSc in computer engineering from Istanbul Technical University.

A Look at Netflix’s Petabyte Scale Data Platform

At Netflix we are using various open source technologies to power our petabyte scale data platform running on the Amazon cloud. In particular, we are using Pig for ETL, Hive for large analytics workloads, Presto for ad-hoc and interactive queries, and recently Spark for iterative computations and other analytics tasks. In this session I am going to talk about the details of our data platform including its architecture, the technologies behind it, and how everything fits together.


Hope to see you at Voxxed Days Istanbul 2016.


Hüseyin Akdogan

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